Is it going to have countless accessories, flashes, and what so ever? A real camera is a device designed to fill only one purpose. Well, the new device – dubbed Light L16 – really contains 16 camera modules, and was designed to give photography enthusiasts DSLR-like photo quality in a pocketable format. Motorola, LG or Samsung? Until we hear more about Light and its L16, you can check out some photo samples provided by Light in the second slideshow below. That is the firm Apple counts on to assemble the majority of its iPhone units.

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The 35mm modules look straight out from the back of the camera, while the 70mm and phon larger mm arrangements lay flat on their sides, making use of mirrors to direct light into the lens. But there are plenty of reasons for cautious optimism.

The device aims to deliver the same performance as that of DSLRs, but in a much more compact form factor.

Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased

They will improve features and functionality over time in each new model and might kill dslr. Justin Haugen – October 27, I wonder what motoroal profit margin is per unit. OnePlus 6T has a ‘hidden’ camera lens, here’s what it does. On one hand, the images taken by the L16 are still slightly noisy in certain circumstances.


Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon.

Motorola, LG or Samsung? A 3D-printed model shows how the lenses are arranged within the L Earlier this year, it has partnered with Foxconn famous for manufacturing Apple devices, among many other things to bring a multi-camera system – similar to that seen on the L16 – to smartphones. All Comments Your Activity. One of the investors in Light is contract manufacturer Foxconn.

Sixteen camera modules with their cabling make for a tight fit in this shell. But how can that be? Still, the million dollar question is whether consumers will pay so much for a phone with as many as nine lenses when there are a number of phones that take great pictures now for much less than what a Light smartphone will probably cost.

You’re right, I misspoke my second half of my statement. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email.

Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased – Latest News | Gadgets Now

Potentially this includes certain images not even necessarily recording all colors at once Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. Read all comments Post your comment. This works by carefully grinding the glass in a way that varies its curvature so that it directs light only at one point behind the glass.

However, it looks like the L16 will only ship starting mid, so you’ll have almost one year to wait before you can actually use it.

The Crazy Things You’ll Hear from Light, Makers of the L16

To verify, just follow the link in the message. Big phone companies are already aiming for this many years ago. Tim Foster – October 27, Those “35mm” lenses look to be a lot closer to jotorola. When shooting a 35mm image, all 35mm modules fire, but so do the 70mm modules. Well, that tech is reportedly going to be used in a phone that will launch later this year.


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And each time, algorithms can use that data in different ways to drastically increase the quality relative to what you would normally motorloa with a smaller sensor Can this offer phonne zoom? But it will cost them more to have a custom made sensor with 5um pixel size. DSLRs were kind of a stepping stone in digital photography transitioning from film cameras which, by the way, I remember pretty much everybody, including myself, saying that digital photography would never kill film.

Imagine a smartphone sporting as many as nine cameras. It already runs on Android Complex algorithms of pureview technology made the photo taking experience very slow.