Inside the LG LX, you’ll find a gorgeous internal screen that measures 2 inches diagonally. The camera takes great resolution photos worthy of print, not just emailing to Grandma. Although it’s a tad boxy, the phone has a clean, minimalist design that doesn’t put on airs. The Pixel 3’s camera already makes it a standout — but useful Google software elevates While there were a few small irritating features at times, my overall experience was a good one. A technique of multiplexing, also called spread spectrum, in which analog signals are converted into digital form for transmission.

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FM Transmiter Headphones connector: After that its just smooth sailin.

I have taken a picture or two with it, but that’s not one of its strongest features. I can use the FM transmitter past 2 feet, almost 7 to be exact. Now, I can’t seem anything to work right.

After purchasing the phone first off I am thrilled with the quality and feature-rich aspects of this phone!! Battery life is very good and it doesn’t take forever to fully recharge. LG sucks interm of using our own ringtones Reviewed on Wednesday September 19, by snehaCanada.

I have my music I want, it takes pictures, I love the FM transmitter and of course it’s a full functioning phone that gets good reception. And I asked the sales rep if it’s possible to have mp3’s as your ringtones and they assured me yes, you can – and now that’s not working out either.

LG FUSIC (LX ) Review – IGN

I am satisified but the only problem is that we can not use our own ringtones to the phones. Read a pg of the reviews posted here and wanted to put my two cents in. It is very fustrating trying to recover messages because the screen goes blank at the most fudic stage of pressing the digits.


I dropped more than 15 times on cement and it was fine, but wi A five-way toggle serves as a shortcut to four user-defined functions, and we liked that the OK button opened the menu when in standby mode.

LG Fusic Reviews

An excellent feature is that the camera uses the external screen as an extra display to show anyone taking pictures of him or herself to see what the image will look like beforehand. This is one of the best phones i have ever had before. Quick view Screen Size. The phone book holds contacts, with room in each entry for five phone numbers, an e-mail address, a Web address, and lf.

Maybe you should all give up with cell phones and stick to play doe. I have NOT used this phone or any other, for that matter for internet access. I have never dropped it, it has only been through the normal wear and tear any phone goes through. While the took 4. Read full review Less. I lost my menu button a few months after getting it. The LG Fusic is simply a great phone. It doesn’t have tons of features that ffusic phones have, but for a fairly basic phone with mp3 player, I find it quite amazing.


Then when that song is done you need to scroll back into your music files and select the next song to play, rather than just playing down the list of songs in your files. To put music on this phone you must have the usb cable that came with the phone. Fksic video service works rather well, but could turn out to be a bit pricey if you enjoy using mobile video services.

Lc backgrounds that are so clear and vibrant, it comes as a shock to see something this good on a phone of this size. Our tests show that those numbers are about right, as the battery lasted six days with minimal use; with consistent use of llg phone calls, music player, mobile web, etc. The only major flaw with the Fusic are the poor music d-pad arrow controls on the outside of fusix device and its lack of Bluetooth stereo support when using Sprint’s music player.

The external screen displays an impressive 65, colors on a 96×96 resolution display. Also the transmitter problems have to do with the quality of your radio antenna not the phone hence the reason why it is better for some than others. An external, MicroSD expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.

I love this phone.