Contact and feedback Need support? DLL listed and select one. Let’s move on to something a little more dynamic. Proceed as in the previous example and this time when you return the data to Excel, the target location is a below the input area see Fig. Check here to start a new keyword search. Fortunately, we can define the connection without a data source and be able to share the spreadsheet with anyone who has the ODBC driver we use installed on their system and they will have the ability to refresh that data as needed.

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Configure ShowCase ODBC/JDBC Data Source with MS ODBC Administrator ยท Customer Portal

Contact and feedback Need support? I don’t want to have to edit the query every time it changes, I’d rather that the query prompted me for a value when it is refreshed and I can provide the value.

On the Start menu, click Control Panel. United States English English. This next example shows how to create a parameterized query. DLL listed and select one.

Select the option to load the data in the spreadsheet Parameterized Query Let’s move on to something a little more dynamic. How can I keep the flexibility of the parameterized query but not have to enter a value every time? Click ‘OK’ on this and the preceding two windows to finally embed your query into Excel.

You may be prompted for an ID and password after pressing the OK button and then you will be presented with the query results as in Fig.


If someone new is running this it would be nice to see what the last value used was. United States English English. Contact and feedback Need support?

If you have bit applications running on a bit Windows server, they will need to use the bit ODBC driver. To complete the process, select a driver and then follow the prompts to create the DSN. First, it is good to note that both bit and bit ODBC drivers are available on a Windows bit system.

IBM How to point to 32 bit IBM DB2 ODBC driver on bit Microsoft system? – United States

If you hover your mouse over the spreadsheet icon just to the left ibn the query name it was given a default name of Query1you will get a pop-up window as show in Fig. This will open the ‘Import Data’ windows shown below in Fig. In the resulting ‘Connection Properties’ window, check the option on the ‘Usage’ tab that says ‘Refresh data when opening the file’ Fig 3f so that the user is prompted for a new value every time the spreadsheet is opened.

Document information More support for: In order to freely share a spreadsheet with an embedded data connection defined in it like our first example the recipient must also have that DSN defined with the same name and connecting to the same system so a DSN is also a odbv to the portability of the solution.

If multiple DB2 copies are installed, drivers from all of those copies will be listed.

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Check here to start a new keyword search. Using this interface, shkwcase probably won’t need to provide values for anything more that the Driver and System keywords because we will not be using any catalog features to odbbc for files or columns. To do this we will have to create the query a bit differently, using Microsoft Query. Version Independent Operating system s: Let’s move on to something a little more dynamic.


In this case it helps to have the library with the table you will query in the library list of the DSN.

Here is where they are located. Document information More support for: Igm also has some default format colors you can apply to the cells to alert the user that a cell is an input value. Press the ‘Load’ button and it will load the data into the spreadsheet and save the query in it as well as shown in Fig.

Check here to start a new keyword search. Click on the ‘Add Criteria Click the arrow button below that text right side of the input field then click on your input field in the spreadsheet and Excel will automatically add the proper syntax to refer to the cell. Obc the ‘Properties’ button to decide how you want the parameter to be set. OK dobc works great but there are a couple of potential problems.