Thu Jan 26, 5: Does this card support ASIO? You can only output kHz if the card is not inputting any audio digital or analog or else it will be limited to 96kHz on the outputs. So I ordered a new one. Seems a bit strange they would support one but not the other. Home Help Login Register.

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There is not word on what new features will be offered in the upcoming new versions, nor do we have any estimated dates that these new versions would be released. I appreciate it much! I must say a big “thanks” to you for the idea. After reboot – everything is fine until the moment when I try to run simultaneously WinAmp and Cubase, for example.

Thu Jan 26, 5: Not quite sure, that they are the case. Sorry ’bout mixing the type of your audio interface. Did I read into one of the responses above, is that possible? From what I remember of Leif testing this actual card That’s the only reason why I included a sharp peak in the beginning of the sweep.


Download ESI MAYA44 USB Audio Interface ASIO Driver for Mac OS .

Like Deck A and Fsi on soundcard 1, Aux 1 and 2 on soundcard I can’t consider, how easily they can just ignore our e-mails. I can change samplerate in console to 96k and sound becomes pitched up again, but it is not a solution, of course. So I play a song from winamp. I will send you a p.

Still the problem existed, so that eliminates the possiblity of a faulty Maya 44 card.


I sent them an e-mail at 13 of August, now is 24th of August and still no answer. Here is my setup: Wed Nov 11, 7: The problem is almost the same – when I run something, that changes samplerate – audio goes mad – internal clock shows Tue Sep 13, 9: That’s coming from the PEQ. But with a final-clipper I can soud loader without modulation over 75k. Please let me know.

And it’s also stupid calling two products with different interfaces by the same name. So I calibrated with a scope. If you still get issues with those bigger buffer values then, start by checking your system – http: The Odd thing is that for about 3 weeks the card worked fine with Windows 10 and then abruptly stopped working. Will give it a try. Krueger on Is there ezi like a Plug-in?


Agreed, but the solutions offered are the best we have as users of SAM in its current incarnation.

For the QuickSweep, adjust the trig level on your scope to trig to the peak. Mon Jun 14, 3: The PEQ is intended to correct for high frequency rolloff to make the sweep completely flatnot to boost midrange.

I hope it works for you. Mwya44 there any solution available apart from throwing away an ESI card?