Ire oe Vna Inairutnerrl Co 6? If I were in a nasty mood. Achernar is the ninth brightest star in he sky, 1 once observed it with a 4- inch rich-field reflector from the slopes of a live volcano in southern Guatemala. Last year the U. We then followed hem for up to 20, years into the future with a model solar system that included the mu- tual gravitational interactions of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune Within the 20, years eight of our cornels became sun-grazing and ultimately felt into the Sun, one hit Jupiter, and four survived, Wc cannot establish conclusively that the real Machholz is likely to meet the sun-grazing fare because out model does not include the terrestrial planets, nor forces due to ou [gassing and possible split [tug of the nucleus when close to the Sun, Nevertheless, lhal end stale looks very likely. It turns out I hat Mars exhibits a similarly bright patch, he radar signature of its ice-rich south polar cap September, , page

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Important sky happenings rind hi si oris mo men is in space uxphu. Wfcen the galactic pole is directly liver bead, the plane of the Milky Way completely emcir ties the observer’s hors iron. In the kary sky that day a waning crescent was making a beeline for Jupiter only 2 ,J. In the meantime, however, please drop me a line. Janu- ary,page To construct images from interferometric measure- ments we need to combine data from many baselines.

There were no other bright planets in the Sky al the lime Katt complicate any interpretation. AIM9I after 4p.


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Consequently, neither pole ever sees more January. The paradoxes arise from the causal links, Bui escapes from causal loops can he imagined. Ordinarily, a white dwarf’s mass cannot exceed 1,4 Suns. It resemble view – sent back by Voyagers 1 and 2 about j, month tjcfore they reached the giani planet in 19″ 7?.

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Others, especially those that split off long ago, would diverge from our world more widely. Michael Shao Jei Propulsion Labora- tory and his American collaboration feel an astrometric interferometer is dose at hand. Plans call for ps-9804 second iQ-meler reflec- tor to join it. Reg titration Cards and invoice copies sent to Meade Instruments must be post- marked not later than January 15, Throughout these stones, Shklovsky shares his impressions of colleagues in the Soviet astronomy and physics communi tics.

G Wells published one of his most fa mo lie science fiction stories. Prelimi- nary observations dfr been made, and the commissioning process is continuing.

What generated the primordial irregt] lari ties that eventually vdr inlo galaxk-s and clusters of galaxies? The site is accessible via modern highways, yet one can see to declination – 65 rFrom here many of the southern sky’s great ireasures arc visible.

Some- how the explosion gave the pulsar such a large boost that it overtook the expanding shell of debris, Vihat could have acceler- ated the pulsar sir dramatically?

The most popular view of these outbursts is that they ate similar to solar flares, sp-8904 which energy stored in magnetic fields is sud- denly released r However, this analogy has so far failed to account for the much larger Hare energies observed in stars other than the Sun.


WeilJ” A Tripps 41 1. To increase the annular resolution of images substantially. The widest eon figuration can measure angular sizes as small as 0. The formation of binary hierarchies from rotating, collapsing gas- clouds tus now been modeled for the first lime oy Alan P. Uti- lizes the 7,54″ diameter tooth Byers worm gear system.

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They may pari tally explain l he puzzling lack of pulsars sp-980 supernova remnants. While al I he Very E. Ef then; tilts were not corrected, they would disrupt the fringes. Tp prevent the surfaces from Sticking together due to the Cusimir attrac- tion, electric charges ace added to each plate so that an electric force of repulsion!

The ultimate in a transportable telescope is a mobile observ- atory with iis own motor, steering wheel, and license plate! Stem ark ably, wc already may be surrounded by microscopic ones in the form of “space-ume foam,” According to the quantum theory of gravity, the gravita- tional field should be subject lo the same sort of vacuum fluctuations as the electro- magnetic.

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For this reason we cannot rule out such time machines just because no voyagers from the future are currently popping up all around us, an often-cited argument that time machines will never exist, Once we have produced sueh an apparatus, then we can start looking around For unexpected visitors.