I suppose I could play the sample into the Jamman and make a loop of it but that seems a bit silly given there is a PC interface AND external memory option. Zalty , Jun 4, Also new here, just had the same problem, then found the solution. Maybe Eventide wants us to use iOS instead of Windows. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

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This kind of replies from Eventide are disappointing You’d have to buy more than one pedal for that, but we don’t think DigiTech would mind Or Eventide can develope a USB driver for windows that works correctly even with other devices connected.


And I can remember at least one user who found there was a specific driver for an audio interface he had that was causing the problem. The model designation is JML. You probably don’t want to use it at first, but I just mentioned it for later on as you learn all of the capabilities of the Jamman Stereo.

Click yes, let it proceed. The XML file is associated with the rhythm for loops created on the JamMan and is not necessary for loops created from another source.

Jamman Stereo wont connect to JamManagerXT software | The Gear Page

Jun 4, 4. You can also make as many overdubs to the loop as you like with more pedal presses, and if you make a mess of a particular overdub, it can easily be undone by holding the footswitch down. After showing you a “connecting The new JamMan Solo XT, which replaces it, is more of the same as far as size goes, but expands the facility set considerably by offering stereo inputs and digitecch over the original’s mono, more than double the number of onboard loop storage slots, and the new JamSync digiech, whereby multiple units can be linked together and kept in perfect sync with each other.


ObsessedGuitaristJun 4, I use mine very, very often over the years without a hiccup. Point is that they are very helpful getting you up and running and Jammxn know that there is a Digitech person that hangs around here too. They have been known to come lose from the board if a USB cable is inserted with too much force into the port.

Nov diigtech, 1. Also new here, just had the same problem, then found the solution.

Another thought came up. If you’re having trouble with Microsoft’s driver, we’re not the ones to complain to. They were very prompt and I was off and running very quickly, but I don’t remember if this was the issue. How do I import loops from another source? The Jammanager software seems very fragile and crashes every now and then on my laptop Jammanager XT cannot upgrade the Jamman pedal unless you place the cursor on an empty loop.

I have a problem and don’t understand what is it Your name or email address: Our Verdict DigiTech transforms its most compact looper into a more powerful machine with more creative possibilities. Similarly, you can load it with backing tracks for onstage use, although hands-free changing from one loop to the next does require the use of an additional FS3X triple footswitch.


Re: Loading Wavs -> into -> the Digitech Jamman stereo?

Hey everyone – this is my first post I’m wondering if anyone has come across this issue I am having with my brand new Jamman Stereo. The Jamman Manager software is a little odd to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.

This happens straight away, and under devices, I see “Jamman Stereo” with Internal as an jammwn, but the storage indicator says 0MB at both ends. The program will notify you when it’s done and ask you to switch the pedal off and on again. jammsn

DigiTech transforms its most compact looper into a more powerful machine with more creative possibilities. Luckily it didn’t make me lose any loop yet.

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I’ve used it myself on Windows 7 with USB frequently without any problems. But this opens up the possibility of ensemble looping, with each player having a pedal and controlling their own loops, while being completely synchronised to each other.

Jun 4, 5.