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But for countless centuries philosophers, witch doctors, kings and parsons have deluded bravies Into thinking that our minds are aomething quits apart from the rest of us We, as poor little bundles of bones, meat, fat and juice, are somehow separate from this weird and wonderful thing, our minds.

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There are many other advantages for men in the Army: Arthur suedi to Premier W. He waa born in Finland. Master of science in agricul- f.

Georgian eight-room home, rk-lllte grounds Choice location plant! Chant of Mips said Tuesday he had completed, the report and that it would be sent to the provincial government.

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I electric fridge 3 TVs complete with separate aerials On elew Friday. Best man will be Mr. Also many flowering and shade trees from 1. Sixty seven deputies signed the censure motion which wu deposited with the president of the National Assembly. GEN- eral Electric frig. Reliable buy er Vlctorta Pre aa. Gulland, Campbell River; A. Must be In Unlvereitv.


JH doaen per flat, each Osh. Klk Lake, spinner and worm Lourle Dodd. Pennock can come forward with facU and figures and show me where we get back in benefits one-quarter of what is sent to the U. Send now for our exciting, new Need leers ft Catalog. You’d be surprised how disease for which we now have many adults have a “take” a very effective preventative, when they have e new small- So let me ask every reader pox Inoculation.

After I got my sore back taped up.

On the score of employment alone, iU creation, spaced of necessity over several years, should be a great boost to the construction industry and provide jobs for thousands of workers.