If you hear latency on only playback Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited. Today, solving my question, I recorded a small riff on the guitar. Now, along the lines of pipelinaudio’s comment: But I don’t know where you got this idea: I can’t hear my voice, but who cares?

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I still have Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, which would run under 98SE just fine; maybe you have such things laying around as well. I did not come across this. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Thanks, I don’t know the processor speed. I’m a real noob, started with Reaper a week ago and now trying Ableton but I really am green at this.

Page 1 of 1. Then, I put a plug-in on track not FH, it’s not important.

Asio, MME And DirectX

How have your experiences been? Thu May 26, 5: I can’t hear my voice, but who cares? Pretty much, I think. My cousin isn’t a musician of any description theory Generally speaking, ASIO is really only utilised in professional audio and music applications, although some MP3 DJ software supports it due to the associated low latency.


Reply Reply as topic. Because the headset and Scarlett are considered different interfaces in Windows, I have to use VoiceMeeter to get both in the audio stream. User Control Panel Log out. Thu May 26, 6: DirectX is a Direftx technology created by Microsoft that provides a fast interface between software and multimedia hardware.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Windows XP Users: MME/DirectX vs. ASIO?

I get handed computers all the time and I’m expected to somehow magically make them run like something equipped with the ,me and greatest everything. Print this page Loading page, please wait This digectx calculated by comparing the amplitude of the desired sound to the noise signals generated by the sound card.

Asio is way better than direct x. Noise can be a result of low quality components, poor insulation, and interference from other hardware such as spinning hard drives. Nasty piece of software, though. Essentials Only Full Version. Although this often introduces 30ms or more extra latency, some WDM drivers can provide latency under 10ms, making them a good alternative to ASIO, for example.


There are four common standards available in Windows for sound cards: Once you have the in your machine, the audio app that you would have to use probably wouldn’t support ASIO anyway. Using DirectX drivers for a sound card usually reduces the latency experienced with games, video playback or audio applications.

This is usually defined in terms of decibels dB. It’s for a diretcx who’s expressed an interest so I feel duty bound to help and although I’m no expert yet I know alot more than my cousin and can help.

WC Will, Can’t understand what you’re talking about. No delays in processing. I re-booted, did not change settings, and all systems go.

I know this isn’t ideal but as far as attached speakers go they are quite good