You should think about closing the iris to adjust the brightness if it is too much for your screen size. And X were showing The measurements were taken off our screen: Double click on above image to view full picture. Brass Cable Glands Hi-Grip.

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JVC DLA-X Review of the projector! –

The following graph gives you the answer:. However, while for most scenes there are almost no artefacts and the picture stays natural, for some other scenes some vertical bands could be observed, but not as often as with the previous model, the JVC DLA-X For higher ADL the contrast is higher with the iris opened. Peson is known to be able to correct a bad gamma curve to a perfect one.

There is also a button to activate the backlight of the remote which is helpful while watching a movie in a dark room. Network Media Player Stand. In March the exhibition was a great success.

JVC DLA-X5000: Review of the projector!

We recommend to let E-shift desactivated on p content. The buttons of the remote control are large enough but the remote stays light and compact and lies easily in the epso.

The E-shift4 activates the 4K simulation technology with half a pixel shift to get twice the number of pixels on the screen. Only registered users can write reviews.


A calibration was however necessary to get the best out of the projector. For smaller screen like the one we used for the review 2m45 widthyou should close the iris a bit. Laminating Rolls Posterframes Legamaster.

Label Printer Tapes Casio Brother. A bit of contrast got loss through the calibration process.

Epson C13S904002 Staple Cartridge (3 x 5000 pages)

Also, the JVC frame interpolation while working well eppson low setting for eoson scenes, generates a strange banding on some few others which could be distracting. Especially in dark scenes you can see the potential of the projector with deep black and excellent shadow details. Outside DLP projectors mostly working at a hz refresh rate, only Epson projectors for example the Epson EH-LS or Epson EH-TW reviewed here are working at a higher resfresh rate of hz eliminating most of the indesirable flickering side effects.

But do not overdo do it or your eyes will tire pretty quickly. The dynamic iris was also working nicely and provided a contrast boost in dark scenes. Our first impression with the JVC X when watching our usual test scenes epspn the incredibly high brightness even in eco-mode which gives an extra pop to the picture.

Facebook Twitter Google Reddit. Also the focus was uniform, which is a sign of the high quality lens. Conventional and Interactive Boards.

For all colors and saturations the deltaE stays below 2. In the end, we achieved with a manual calibration reference results with perfect colors and skin tones which made the movies look absolutely natural and superb! Still, if needed, the numerical correction works well and can be done without much effort. On the pictures below you can see how the E-shift makes effectively the pixels grid disappear but also the associated softness due to its activation: There are 4 settings under MPC: The new MPC sharpens the picture subtly on level 5 and very few artefacts.


It could be useful to watch football on a bright day or to light on a very big screen of 4m width!

The problem is that these contrast values are two extremes, but most images from movies are in between. Furthermore, with the activation of the dynamic iris function, it can achieve very deep black on a totally black picture. Also epso own a professional Luminance meter Minolta LS and we can check the contrast on the screen with it which align perfectly with the measurements we make with the i1 display 3 pro.