Aye either agree a blitter rate for each game or seperate table for no slowdown at all. Voltage and connections seem to be fine on board.. Travel time is about 2 hours max. It is currently Sat Dec 29, Thu Jan 18, 5: The higher power of modern PCs throws THOSE numbers out the window, and the wide range of hardware means performance differences that are even harder to work out. I find it to be quite incredible that the same one has broken off both boards.

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Taping up the other pins to isolate the pin you want was a great idea.

This is true thing is for people like me who have only played ps2 port of sj3 no slowdown is what im used to, im not even sure ibara has slowdown in many places that even matter? It’s safe enough right?

We need to aviod them when we activate time accellerator. The reasons for this have been explained already: It is currently Sat Dec 29, Not that difficult if you’re able to set the rest of the settings back to default. I tried cvae out.



It slowdowns ever so briefly at the beginning of stage cace barely at all on slowpoke build and on a couple midbosses and as i said AGAIN its not in any areas which would effect cqve in anyway. Fri Dec 02, 2: Wed Jan 10, 4: But for the overly cautious I used an exacto knife to place small squares of electrical tape to try isolating pin 9. The HUD and sprites disappearing is odd for lack of a better word If ultra did not re-lock I am guessing you have the 1 dot version?

Thu Jan 18, We hope you’ll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a su3 one. There’s a difficulty and memorization to dealing with the time when the slowdown goes away and things suddenly speed back up. It seems completely dumb to not think about it when developing the game.

Driving route from Rotorua to Waitomo. My Arcade games “ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! Page 1 of 1. Thu Oct 26, 8: For the people who had a little too weak cpu this probably helped, for the rest it did nothing.


Nothing wrong with that if you enjoy it, but don’t go comparing scores with the other game. It falls into the catergory of Womens right, Homosexaul rights, and Black rights. Fri Dec 02, 5: I deleted that post fearing the cafe sausage fest from the slowdown nazis lol, but aye i stand behind it as you reposted. Rape is very shakey subject.

CAVE SH3 PCB Schematics/Lead on CAVE Repairman – Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

Sorry for the bad news, but this stuff is about at the point where it’s just not feasible to fix. Rotorua to Putaruru is 52km – say about 45min.

Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Sat Nov 12, 6: Is performance between one person’s PC and another comparable?

SH3 Inserts & Other Cave

How much is the game worth? I think people misunderstood the update and got overenthusiastic. I remember the slowdown being inaccurate on Futari.