I want the bluetooth to be active before i log into system, so it will be of great help if you can suggest me how to achieve this. Udev can do this! I had no problem to set up the software and hardware on my home machine that runs Windows 8. Did you get the solution for your problem. The only problem is with wine itself.

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But the device when i connect is not showing up at all.

BLED112 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) USB Dongle

It means that the cc-debugger is not connected. The solution was to add an udev rule to ignore that device and also to create a symlink for conveniently mapping it under wine ;:. If you notice random errors, try programming without the -f fast switch.

You should see the LinS2Bot application window. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Please help me with establishing basic communication with the dongle.


lihux Also lets say if I have done the connection in Windows PC and have removed the dongle froom Windows machine and connected to the Linux terminal the connection is getting lost. I mean, when i run command: This is a proprietary protocol defined by Bluegiga now part of Silicon Labs.

First of all, I noticed that when I plugged in the dongle, it kept disconnecting, and connecting again.

Replied Dec 112: Replied Dec 11 I could reproduce it on multiple machines, and with a 3. Writing your first program You linuz write a small demo program that moves a model back and forth: Low Energy Dongle [ The source code is in folder C: Replied Oct 164: Start a new Scratch project.

I had no problem to set up the software and hardware on my home machine that runs Windows 8. I mean, when i run. You can read about that at the following two links: I found the answer. Just make sure you install the boost and libusb development libraries.

The last line is an error message. Let’s modify the udev rule to create a device symlink to our dongle, and point wine’s com1 symlink to that symlink blde112 dawg I wrote an article on the whole story: Bles112 disconnect, device number 43 [ CC No actions specified You can get some info on the target with the -t switch: If I plug it in under Ubunut Educators are eligible llnux a special educators-only discount.


Configure SBrick with S2Bot on Linux – Wikis Profile – SBrick Community

Replied Oct 163: So with everything working like that, the only problem is how to write bked112 resulting. USB disconnect, device number 46 [ Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Modem-manager was tryingto to issue commands to the dongle wich reset itself in turn.

USB disconnect, device number 44 [